Web sites and blogs I like

Here I am listing my favorite blogs and web sites:

NASA blogs – daily updates from NASA.

sciencemag.org – Science news from Science.

BBC Space Science blog from Jonathan Amos

KathrynKilian.com – a blog run by a wonderful violin player, Pabody graduate, Kathryn Kilian.

artemvovkguitar.com – a blog run by Artem Vovk – a wonderful guitar player, photographer and explorer.

scienceblogs.com – a very interesting science blog run by Coturnix.

writing.upenn.edu/~afilreis/88/home.html – a web site dedicated to the modern English poetry

OpenCulture – the best free science, cultural and educational media on the web

ericvalli.com – the most beautiful pictures from Eric Valli.

spiekermann.com – the Erik Spiekermann’s (the famous typographer) blog.

Erik Spiekerman on DesignMind – legendary type designer Erik Spiekermann talks type with frog, expounding on the beauty – and the difficulty – of designing numbers.

cssZenGarden – a beautiful demonstration of what can be accomplished visually through CSS-based design.

alistapart.com – the most valuable resource for web designers.

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