Welcome to OlgaVovk.com!

it’s me

I am a physicist who has always been interested in writing, particularly science writing, and, finally, made it my profession. Currently I am working on my second degree (in Astronomy).

This website is my first attempt to work with WordPress. It is also my home base – the place where I would like to share my thoughts and talk about my latest projects.

For some reason, I love how Milky Way sounds in German – Milchstraße, that’s why I choose this name for my web site.

I am a professional science and technical writer, editor, proofreader. I believe there is nothing more important than expressing thoughts and ideas in a clear and concise way. That’s why I also studied graphical design and specifically scientific illustration – to be able to enhance my writing with graphics and make it even more comprehensible.

See my portfolio >>

I love what I am doing, therefore I am always open to new projects. You can contact me at Olgav.vovk@gmail.com and I’ll  help you with the expert writing, editing, graphics or indexing.

News – here you can find the latest news from different parts of our Milchstraße.

Recent Posts – here I post my latest thoughts and project updates.

Portfolio– my works.

Media – here I post the most interesting pictures,  audios and videos. It is under construction for now, so please follow the link to see my Mauna Kea pictures on Flickr.

My friends – here I keep a list of my favorite blogs and web sites.

Enjoy everything!

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Fascinating content and beautiful blog!

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