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I just received an email from Planet Hunters. They celebrate their first birthday on December 16, 2011. I can’t believe it. They looks like a very mature project. And I remember joining them last year, I had no idea they were just babies.

As part of celebration they decided to host a competition. Every day until December 16th they promise to pick one random
classification and give it a prize. They actually said – “a fabulous price”. So, this is actually not a competition, but rather a lottery, but still sounds good.

All we need to do is classify at PlanetHunters.org on each day until December 16th, and we automatically become a part of prize draw.

More about it on Planet Hunters blog.

I think this is a brilliant idea to celebrate a birthday that way. I will definitely participate. And I am thinking also of my birthday. I feel like, next year, I will invite my friends not for usual barbecuing, but for participating in some of my favorite activities. What about my garden project?